Friday, March 4, 2011

Think I've Figured it Out

Some of my best ideas come when I'm sleeping.  I had told you that some of the fabrics were pulling out of the satin stitching on some of the appliques.  Another problem I was having was that the fabric was "loose and bunching".  Here on the tractor, you can see loose fabric.  Wasn't quite sure what to do about it.  Some people had suggested using fusible webbing under the fabrics.  But that involved keeping a warm iron at my side when embroidering.  I have enough trouble keeping track of my tools, and a hot iron would not be a good idea.  But then someone mentioned they hold their stabilizer to the fabric with washable glue.  So, I queried, why wouldn't that work with the applique fabrics.

And if you look here on the top of the sheep, you can see where some of the fabrics pulled out of the satin stitching.

So, when the machine is stitching the applique, it stitches an outline to show where the fabric is supposed to go.  At this point, I used my fabric glue stick and applied it to the inside of the stitching line before placing the fabric and smoothing it down.  Then the machine sews another line to hold the fabric in place.  So far, so good.  I did this with each fabric and then moved onto the next step.

And, voila, as you can see from this photo of the turkey, no fabric bunching, no fabric pulling out of the stitching.  And I'm a happy camper.  Now, I will redo the ones that I'm not happy with.  Good thing I ordered a lot of background fabric.  Have a good weekend.  Toodles!


Pat said...

I think you are doing very well with this. This would be SO hard for me...I'd never figure it out!

JustCindy said...

I think they look great. What I do when the satin stitch doesn't catch the fabric good is I satin stitch a little more on my sewing machine. No one can tell I've had to "fix" it.