Friday, March 25, 2011

Wow, That was Fast!!

After trying to use a folding chair at the sewing machine, I knew that I needed something better.  So, Hubby went to Walmart and bought a nice "little" chair for $20.  He figured it would be a temporary replacement, and wanted me to order a better one.  I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive about putting my plus-size bottom on the "little"  $20.00 chair, but had to give it a try.  I was back on my feet in just seconds, afraid to be on that chair after the other one broke.  So, on Wednesday morning, I began searching the internet for my new chair.  I finally decided to order from OfficeMax.  (They are a member of, and so I get a rebate) and placed the order.  In the product description, it said that the chair would ship in "3-5days".  I could live with that since I'm a pretty patient person.  Wednesday night I got an email saying that my chair had shipped, and it was delivered yesterday afternoon.  The box was huge, and I told the delivery person to just leave it on the porch.  The product description had said that some assembly was required.  How huge must the chair be???  When Rod got home, he opened the box and lifted the chair, completely assembled, out of that box.

Here's the new chair.  It looks like a throne, just perfect for a Queen Bee.  But do you see all those levers?  There was no instruction booklet with the chair, and now I'm afraid to touch any of those levers.  What if one is an ejection lever???  And how will I know which one???  As Yul Brenner said in The King and I, "Tis a puzzlement".  Wish me luck.


JustCindy said...

Enjoy your new chair. I need a new chair but I'm scared I won't like it after I buy it so I don't. lol

Lindabee said...

I just tried this one, and I feel like I'm sliding off the front. Supposedly you can adjust the front up, but I haven't found that lever.

Pat said...

Call the company that made it. Maybe they will have some customer service people who can tell you what each lever does....and how to adjust the front so it's up more than it is now. I'm sure once you get it figured out, you'll love it.