Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Quiet Weekend

So far, it has been a quiet weekend, but a busy one.  Yesterday one of our local stores had a special sale with unbelievable prices.  The twins were going shopping there, so they took my list and my card and bought my order.  Rod went shopping this morning and picked up a few things that we still needed.  When he got home, he mowed the grass and I watched.  (I've always loved watching him ride the tractor.)  About 3 o'clock, we went to the kitchen.  We had bought pork tenderloins for $9/bag, and there were two in each bag.  We cut 1/3 off each one, and were able to get 3 meals from each bag.  With the family pack of gr. steak ($2.79/lb), we made 8 mini BBQ meatloaves and put them in the freezer, 4/meal.  We then made lasagna rolls with some of the gr. meat.  We got 16 in all.  We did 2 pans of 6 each for the freezer, and ate the other 4 for dinner.  And with the gr. meat that was left, we did 2 pans of stuffed peppers for the freezer. The Italian bread was two loaves for $1.00, and we bought two.  We will slice one and prepare it as garlic bread for the freezer.   It just seems that on the nights that the twins don't come to help with dinner and I have the kids later, Rod and I ending up eating "quickie" meals - not healthy, just quick.  These freezer meals will help a lot.  We will even have garlic bread to put in the oven with the lasagna rolls.  And the Italian bread and lasagna rolls that we had with our dinner tonight was delicious.  And we accomplished it all in about two hours.  I love cooking with my hubby.

The freezer that we have now is the one that we bought shortly after we got married.  And it is definitely not energy efficient.  So I've decided to save for a new freezer.  Maybe not so big as the present one - the family is smaller and so is the garden.  But since I can't climb the stairs anymore, I want to find a place to put it in the upstairs.  The one I'm looking at is frost-free, something that didn't exist when we bought the current one, and it's energy efficient.  I always think it's easier to justify a new purchase if it's going to save money -- just look at the new car, 39.9 miles/gallon as we speak!!  We've always had good luck with Maytag appliances, and the one I'm looking at is a Maytag.  (I don't think mine has ever looked this neat!)  So, now I'm pocketing any loose change I find!  Have a good weekend.

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