Monday, July 9, 2012

A Wonderful Day

Saturday was the day for the annual picnic at my Mom's assisted living home.  It has always been outside, complete with great food and wonderful entertainment.  I, along with several others, had called on Thursday to voice my concern about the picnic being held in temperatures of 101.  Not only was it not good for the residents, but how do you keep the food safe?  The Activity Director got busy and had the event changed to the gymnasium of a local church.  It was a large room, handicapped accessible, with bathrooms close, and best of all, it was air conditioned.  The entertainer is an elderly man, who plays guitar and sings, almost like karaoke.  He does a lot of rock, country, and the songs for Hokey Pokey, the Chicken Dance, and YMCA.  Jake loves music, and was the hit of the party when he decided to dance.  He danced by himself for a while, but soon found a partner.  The seniors at the picnic got quite a laugh from his dancing. I think that sometimes children are so lucky because they haven't yet lost their innocence.  Mom was so proud because all of us except George were in attendance.  Kristin had to work Saturday morning, but arrived while the food was still out and got to enjoy the entertainment.  So when Kristin arrived, Mom had the largest number of family members in attendance.  It was so wonderful to see her laughing at all the kids dancing.  But, it's very possible that we got the biggest laugh from Jimmy.  He loves playing the "clown", and is always one of the first to participate in karaoke and dancing.  He did all the silly dances with Bubby on his shoulders.  With some of the other dances, he sneaked over behind some of the residents and danced with them.  It was certainly a great day for all.

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Pat said...

Your family sounds like such a fun-loving, kind group.....and it made me happy to read about the fun you all had at the event with your mother on the weekend!!! Thanks for sharing the little guy's dancing, too.