Monday, July 30, 2012

Tis A Puzzlement

Why does the weekend go faster than the week?  Why can't we reverse it and make the weekend 5 days long, and the work week only 2 days.  All those in favor, say aye!   Friday night we watched the opening ceremony from London, and I was really impressed.

Saturday Rod and I spent much of the day sitting on the deck and dreaming new dreams while watching it rain.  We love to see the raindrops splash into the pond - my Granny used to say it was soldiers marching.  Rod started cleaning up the limbs that had blown off our willow trees during the multiple storms we had this past week. When it finally stopped raining, he got a fire started in the fire pit to begin burning up the leafy parts. But soon the clouds parted again and this time it rained buckets-full.  That put out the fire and Rod returned to sit on the deck.  But when we say a flash of lightening heading toward the grape arbor, we made a hasty retreat to the house.  Shortly after that, Mary texted to say that Jimmy's softball game had been rained out.  It was a good day to have dinner together.  We planned on ham, but Mary requested fried potatoes and eggs.  We make parslied potatoes and mix the eggs in to make scrambled eggs with potatoes in them.  We diced the ham, added it to the mix, and dinner was done.

Yesterday, Rod got a fire started to burn the leafy branches, and then brought out my sewing machine and the parts for Krissy's quilt top.  I got the top put together, and had plenty of time to sandwich it for quilting.  But, it appears that someone has snuck into my sewing room and stolen my pins.  They've been gone now for over two weeks.  Krissy and I have both looked, but no pins were found.  So, please, if you see my jar of quilting pins with the pretty colored tops, send them home.

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