Friday, May 10, 2013

The Week in Review

This past week has been spent checking off my list.  Since Mom's funeral last Saturday, my head hasn't been where it should be.  Everyone says it's to be expected.  But there was so much to be done, and I made lists to make sure I got everything done that I should have.  I've been in touch with Mom's banks and the one credit card company with which she held a card .  I've talked with the VA and they were surprisingly kind and uncomplicated.  Pat, Pat and Rod emptied her room, and Pam found someone to take Mom's hospital bed.  They even went and picked it up, which saved us a huge headache.  Kristin delivered death certificates to the two places that required them.  Life insurance has been taken care of, and one check has been received already.  Thank you notes have been written and mailed.  Today, I'm feeling exhausted.  For some reason, I didn't think it would be this difficult.  And this morning, it hit me that this will be my first Mother's Day without my mom. Again I cried.

Now, I have one week to quilt and bind the two quilts for the Saddle Up.  I don't normally let things go til the last minute, but this time it couldn't be helped.

Yesterday, I had a horrible sinus headache which I figured was probably from crying so much.  George picked the kids up early, and I needed something positive. . . something to take me to a happier place.  Enter Disney!!  Rod and I had talked about where he wanted to eat on our December trip, and so I did a little early planning.  It felt good to think about something hopeful for a change.  And so today, I have a renewed strength and can face the sandwiching of the quilts (which is the part I dislike the most).  We are having a campfire on Saturday night with family and friends to celebrate Mother's Day.  I'm looking forward to that.

Hope your weekend is full of love.

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Pat said...

I'm glad you had something happy to think about in the midst of all the sadness and craziness of dealing with all the things that need attention after a love one passes away. It sounds like you have a nice plan for your Mother's Day celebration and...remember...your mother would want you to have that happy time with your family.