Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday Whine Fest

We haven't had a whine fest for quite some time, but I really need one today.  If you like cheese with your whine, go get some and I'll wait til you get back.  La, La, La, La, La.  Are you ready???  Oh, and please feel free to add your whine to the comment section.

Whine #1 - I'm working on a new wristlet for my Etsy store.  Yesterday I cut out 10 wristlets.  And I spent the day preparing them for sewing.  I pressed, ironed on the interfacing, folded - boy I was on the ball.  This is a new pattern for me, but I have read it at least 50 times.  So why is it that while ironing #8, I discover that I have been folding the D ring tab the wrong way!!  The piece is 2.5" x 4" and is to be folded in fourths.  And the D ring is one inch wide.  Why did it take me until 9:00 last night to realize that my tab needed to be 1" wide not 5/8" wide.  So now today, I have to re-fold and press 8 tabs.  On  a more positive note, it could have been worse - I could have sewn them before realizing they were folded wrong.

Whine #2 - I wear microfiber gutchies (TMI, I know) that I have been buying for years.  I used to be able to buy them at KMart or Walmart, then suddenly you could only buy them online.  I always bought nine pair at a time, and complained about the fact they have been made in China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Haiti.  Tags have been on the wrong side, one leg has been bigger than the other, and other mistakes.  Why OH Why can't we make gutchies in America, I have lamented.  The company has changed its name and finally my gutchies are made in USA.  I sang a little ditty and danced a happy dance, but it was short lived.  After the first washing, they were fine.  After the second washing, they didn't stretch very well (and I need stretch).    But after the third washing, they were suddenly three feet long and only 8 inches wide.  Well, maybe I exaggerate a little!  Really, I'm only 4'8" tall, why do I want gutchies that are 3 feet long.  Geez, they could be a sleeveless onsie, if I was only 8 inches wide!  Thank goodness they got their stretch back, 'cause after tugging and pulling (remember girdles), I finally managed to get them on.  But it was frustrating to say the least

OK, my whine fest is done.  Don't forget to add your whine. Misery loves company, you know.

As a post script to yesterday's post, dinner was pretty good.  The apple pie filling made a great sauce for the pork.  The cauliflower, however, left a lot to be desired.  Memo to self - do not use artificial bacon bits when you're cooking cauliflower.  It turns the cauliflower the most ungodly shade of grey-brown, and ruins the taste.   Have a good day.

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