Thursday, May 16, 2013

What I've Been Working On

The Saddle Up Quilts were finished by Monday at noon.  While I was waiting for the fleece to arrive, I cut out some new wristlets .  The pattern that I used was one that was designed and  copyrighted 2012, by Erin Erickson at Dog Under My Desk, all rights reserved.  I made the Two Zipper One, and I love them.  I used nearly all the coffee fabric that I had left on these two, one has matching lining and the other has lining with coffee beans.

I also did a couple of floral prints - this yellow one and a light blue one.

Also two with bandana fabrics - one turquoise and the other hot pink.

I'll probably take a couple of days off, and then I'm not sure what I'll get into.  Have a great weekend.


Pat said...

Those wristlets are really nice. You say they are two-zipper does that mean each side is a separate section with its own zipper?

Lindabee said...

There are two separate pockets, each with it's own zipper. The larger, main pocket also has a small pocket suitable for your cell phone or ID.