Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"What a Crock" Wednesday

Today's crock pot recipe is apricot glazed pork roast, but with some modifications.  I didn't have apricot preserves, so I substituted peach preserves (sugar-free of course). After reading the reviews, I decided to use only 1/2 half cup of chicken broth.  And I added my onion in chunks, along with chunked potatoes, carrots, and sliced mushrooms.  Before putting the vegetables in, I seasoned my roast with garlic salt and pepper.  By adding the veggies, I have made it a meal in one crock.

For last night's dinner, we took one of the pans of stuffed peppers out of the freezer.  Yesterday morning, I removed the foil from the aluminum foil pan, and set pan and all right down in my slow cooker.  It cooked on low all day, and at dinner time, the peppers were done.  We added a little butter and some salt and pepper and they were just as good as if I had made them fresh.  It was a positive experience, and I will definitely be making more "freezer meals".

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