Monday, August 20, 2012

It's a Happy Monday

I know that sounds like it's not possible, but it is.  First off, the Steelers won last night.  Rod and I went to bed before the game was over and the Steelers were losing.  But this morning, I read that they won.  Good news, not that preseason matters.

Second, last evening before dinner, Mary said we could all tell the kids that they are going to Disney with us in September.  I had made them the coupon books that I posted about, and Pam handed them to the kids.  Mary was busy filming with her IPhone.  When Krissy opened the first page, it was a title page that told them that this was a coupon book for their vacationing pleasure.  When she flipped the page and saw the coupon that said they were going to Disney, she began to sob.  It wasn't the reaction we expected. 

 Then she saw the coupon that said they were staying at the new Art of Animation resort, and the sobbing was mixed with disbelief.  She read Bubba's pages to him, and he was screaming, "What, no way.  I don't believe it."  I gave them their bags of pins to trade, and Krissy looked through hers and found 5 Whole Pins to Trade!!  The rest she wants to keep.  It was a good evening, and after the initial shock wore off, Krissy was making lots of plans for what she wants to do in each park.

Yesterday I went for groceries (and lots of other stuff).  I bought Izzy and Jake each a giant coloring book ($1.00 each).  Since school supplies are on sale, I picked up a pack of washable markers and a pack of crayons.  When I gave them to the kids this morning, you would have thought I was giving them the moon.  They are sitting on the floor, watching Bubble Guppies and coloring in their new books.  Evidently, Jake thought it was a good idea to give himself a facial tattoo, and THAT'S why I bought washable markers

Today's Crock Pot meal is Crock Pot Cube Steak and Gravy.  It is one of the easiest and tastiest meals that I make in the crock pot.   And this morning, Monday makes me smile.

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