Thursday, August 23, 2012


I've been working on shirts for Krissy and Bubba to wear at the Garden Grill meal we're having at Disney.  It is a character meal with Chip and Dale, and Pluto along with Mickey.  Krissy loves the Nerd Vinylmation that she has, so I decided to do tee shirts with the Nerds on them.  Chip is Krissy's favorite chipmunk.  He has the black nose (chocolate chip) and only one tooth.  This is her shirt.

Bubby is a Pluto fan.  The first time we ate there, he was so excited to see Pluto.  Pluto hugged him and kissed him, and Bubby was in his glory.  So, I decided to do him Pluto Nerd.

I love doing applique with characters, and I think they will be pleased.


JustCindy said...

How adorable! I do believe you are the Queen of Applique'.

Lindabee said...

I like that name. Now to design a logo for the "Queen of Applique". LOL