Friday, August 24, 2012

Queen of Applique

My friend Cindy commented yesterday that I am the Queen of Applique.  I think she's right - I love doing the appliqued characters that I do.  My family was so impressed with the tee shirts that I made for Krissy and Bubby that they all put in a request.  Yesterday afternoon I searched out the characters they requested, sized them, and  traced them onto the fusible.  And this morning, I fused them onto fabrics, and put them together on my applique pressing sheet.  (I don't know what I'd do without it.)  And voile, they are ready for the tee shirts.  Mary requested Goofy Nerd for Jimmy.  I don't think he will wear it, but Mary thinks otherwise.

Mary wanted Minnie Nerd, and here she is.  I am planning on putting some rhinestones onto the bow.
Pam wanted a Pluto, not a nerd.  He's ready to fuse onto fabric.  Pam says that Pat will want a Donald Duck, so he's my project for this afternoon.

They will look better when the finishing stitching is completed.  That gets done after they are fused onto the tee shirt.  And now I'm trying to decide if I want a shirt for myself, and if so, who should I do?

Looking forward to a nice weekend full of sewing.

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JustCindy said...

Too cute! Your family will be stylin' when y'all visit Disney.