Monday, August 13, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday. . .

I am beginning to believe that Saturday and Sunday do NOT have 24 hours like the other days of the week.  The weekend just seems to go so fast.  We had to go for blood work on Saturday, then to Walmart to pick up the fried chicken for Bubby's party. Mary had planned a beach party, but when the temperatures didn't get above 70, that wasn't quite possible.  Everyone had a good time anyway, and we got back home about 7:30 that evening.  On Sunday, I was able to finish all the blocks for Jake's quilt.  Sunday dinner was leftovers, chicken and fruit salad from the party and Pam made some stuffed baked potatoes.  She had used two of the bags of potatoes that our neighbors brought down on Friday, and we were able to put some in the freezer for another day.

Yesterday was a sad day, to be sure.  We took the playpen down.  It's the first time that there has been no playpen in my living room since November 2011 when Jake was born.  But two weeks ago, I was in the kitchen getting my breakfast.  I had put Jake in the playpen and put the gate up across the living room doorway. All of a sudden, a little voice said, "Hi Grammy, what doin?"  I asked him how he got into the kitchen, and he replied, "Jakey get out!"  He had climbed out of the playpen and pushed the gate out enough to crawl under it.  I knew that that my life would change.  Knowing that he is the last of the grand kids makes me sad, and taking the playpen down just added to my sadness.  But watching the kids grow up is all part of the fun, and he is such a sweetie.

We have 45 days until our Disney trip, which will carry over into October.  I have the month of October in the Towel Swap that I joined, and want to get the towels out before our trip.  So, today I am cutting the towels and deciding what to applique onto them.  Rod and I have reserved a room for Friday night, and will spend Saturday in Berlin, OH and the surrounding area.  We will be making a stop at the Amish Flea Market, and see what else we can get into .  Have a good day.

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