Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Wrap Up

It's been a very busy week here at "The Hive".  In my blog post of June 27, I posted photos of a sampling of coupons I had designed for my grandkids for the upcoming September Disney trip.  Krissy and Bubby have no idea that they are going, and we've all been trying to decide how and when to tell them.  After designing the coupons, I saved them as jpg. files, uploaded them to Costco's website and had them printed as 4x6 photos.  I ordered some of these photo albums from GetSmart Products.  The coupons look so nice in the albums, and Mary thinks these will be a nice keepsake for the kids.  There are coupons announcing the trip and where they will be staying; coupons for meals, treats, special shows, rides, and souvenirs.

I have also been making cards  for our dining confirmations, which restaurants are counter service in each park, items that snack credits can be used for in each park, and what everyone wants to do in each park.  It's not exactly a touring plan, just a guideline. This is an example of one of the cards minus our confirmation numbers.  Those cards are all finished and ready for printing.  I ordered extra photo albums so that our cards can be put in albums.  I just put them on a key ring last year; and when they got wet, it was an awful inky mess.    

I found this pattern for a hipster bag, and loved it.  I ordered the pattern and plan on making some for Christmas gifts.  I ordered the hardware and zippers, and am ready to choose fabrics for the bags.  I'm hoping to use some of the fabrics in my stash.  Rod printed out the patterns for me, and they are cut and ready to tape together.  And finally, I finished fusing all the blocks for Jake's Bubble Guppies quilt.  I need to finish the outside edges of the appliques, and it's ready to put together.  I found a really cute sea horse fabric which I will use for the sashings.  That's two tops finished, and a third is traced.  So as you can see, this week I've been a very busy bee.

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