Friday, July 11, 2008


When DD Kristin was little, she would come home from school on Friday singing a little ditty that she made up -- "it's Friday afternoon and I'm glad of that cause I can't take another day of school." Think I'll sing it this afternoon. DD Mary came last night and together we made the pinwheels that I'm serving at my party this evening. We did five kinds -- cream cheese blended with ranch dip mix, bacon, mozarella and topped with smoked turkey; cream cheese blended with italian dressing mix, and topped with parmesan and mozarella cheeses and prosciutto; cream cheese with blended with bbq sauce and french onion dip and topped with cojack cheese and roast beef; cream cheese blended with stone ground mustard and chopped dill pickles, topped with cheddar cheese and ham; and finally (Mary's favorite) cream cheese with fiesta dip mix and well drained canned corn, and topped with fiesta blend cheese and turkey. We rolled them in saran wrap, and refrigerated them. Now, today before the party, we will cut them into pinwheels, and arrange them on a large green glass plate that I have. I'm serving two pudding salads with them, and a homemade punch. We cleaned the deck last night, and moved the furniture around, and so, other than the final food prep, I'm all set to go. Then, since the house is all cleaned, hopefully, I can sew all weekend. I like the sound of that. Have a great weekend. Linda

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