Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gratitude Tuesday

Woah!!!! Today I'm really grateful that my husband's name is Rod and not Noah. We have had rain everyday for what seems like forever. And sometimes there's no warning -- the sky just opens up and it's a real cloudburst. If his name were Noah, I'd be worrying that our new roof was about to become an ark. Today, however, the weather person is calling for a dry day. We'll see. Sure hope he's right.

I haven't started any new projects, nor have I worked on any old ones. Just lazy I guess. Today I'm going to start on the July banner from last year, and I have made up my mind to get the borders on my sampler quilt this weekend. We are supposed to have rain nearly every day this weekend. Jimmy asked last night if we moved to Seattle. But rainy days are always good for sewing. Have a great week.

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