Monday, July 28, 2008

Not Much Impressed Me

at the Hershey show on Friday. We went to the Farmer's Market in Bird-in-Hand the first thing Friday morning, and bought meat and produce, and then it was on to Hershey. I did find the greatest Christmas fabrics for Kristin's quilt, and over the past two weekends I got 7 of the 12 blocks cut. I also found some great marbles for Pablo in Bubby's Backyardigans quilt, but no Disney fabrics at all. Sure was a lot of Wizard of Oz, though. Never cared much for the movie, myself. There was nothing that screamed, "Take me home", so there was not much I brought home. Is that a good reason to try out the show at the Farm Show Grounds in September? Sounds like it to me!!! I did buy a pattern for an octagonal mat for the kitchen table. I liked the shape of it, and think it will look really nice under the candle and stand I bought for the kitchen. There were some really cool bag patterns, but if I had picked up another pattern for a bag, I think Rod would have started screaming, "Not another bag!!!" So, I passed them by.

Kristin kept Mary's kids on Saturday evening and they slept over at Kristin's also. Kris took the three kids to the "Y" on Saturday evening, and Rod and I went, too. What a great time we all had. There had been some rumbles of thunder which must have emptied out the place, because we had the pool pretty much to ourselves. You should see that Izzy in the water. She and Kristin have been taking swimming classes since Izzy was six months old, and she's like a little fish.

This week I hope to get Bubby's blocks finished and ready to put together. So, I'd better get moving. Have a good week.

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