Friday, July 18, 2008

Look I found them!!!

Have you ever watched 'I Spy", a children's show on HBO? Well, this little guy with a tennis-ball head and his block dog friend, CeCe spend the time looking for things that a duck on wheels tells them they need. When they find an item, they dance and sing, "Look we found it, look we found it, how about you!" Well, just after I posted on my blog the last time, I drug (or is it dragged) out the large suitcase that I store my fabric left over from projects in progress, and cut the sashing pieces that I needed. While I was looking on my table for the ruler I use to draw the 1/4" lines with, I found a little sandwich bag that held all the pieces I was missing and more. So, I did the "I Spy" dance. But do you think that means that my table needs cleaned off??? If you said yes, you get a gold star. Not only does that table need cleaned off, but the whole room needs cleaned. Unfortunately when I'm in there, it's usually only for short periods of time, and who wants to clean when you can sew!!??? But I promise, one of these days soon, I will clean up and get ready to start Christmas gifts. Have you started sewing for Christmas yet? I ordered Pat Sloan's pirate pattern to do a quilt for DD Mary, and I have the fabric already. If you're a pirate fan, you need to see this pattern.

For DD Pam, I have chosen a Pat Sloan pattern also. It's Pat's Nick of Time pattern, and I did this one for myself and Pam loved it. I have chosen some western fabrics for her quilt. If you're looking for a quick quilt to make, then this pattern is for you.

But first I have to finish Bubby's birthday quilt. I have all my patterns ready, four are ready to fuse onto the background squares, and three more are traced and ready to fuse onto the fabrics. Have a great weekend.

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