Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No Whine Today!!

Nope, not today. It's a rule -- if you miss posting on Gratitude Tuesday then you can't do the Wednesday Whine Fest. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it) We started getting ready for our trip to Hershey last night. Boy, you'd think it was a very long trip when, in fact, it's only 5 hours. But I printed out my hotel confirmation, and the TripTik from AAA. Yes, I know that we have a GPS unit, but that "biddy" is sometimes clueless. She tells us to return to the nearest highway because she thinks that we're off roading or in the water. Little did she know that we were on the Capital Beltway in bumper to bumper traffic in a bad thunderstorm. So, I don't trust her and take my own directions!! I made my list of what to pack, and have gotten my "wish list" started. I just can't help myself -- I'm a list-maker. This trip won't be as much fun as last year's because last year I took a class from Pat Sloan. Before that, I was definitely thinking in the box, usually in symmetrical duplicate -- it's a twin thing. I've always had to have two of everything, and they had to match. One of the guys Rod used to work with called the twins my "bookends". Guess that's pretty true. I need bookends. But since the class with Pat, I think a little differently. I can even use something other than white for a background. Are you a list-maker? Is it difficult for you to think "outside the box".

Rod's second surgery was yesterday. His ear has healed nicely, and the dr. said in about a week you won't know he even had surgery there. The one on his cheek was deeper than the dr. thought, and this morning his eye is swelled almost shut, and turning black. He's such a good-natured guy and doesn't complain. Said he's telling all the guys at work that I hit him!! He's pretty tall and I'm pretty short. Like I could really reach that high!! Have a great Wednesday!!

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Anonymous said...

I love list! AND I love the story that Rod is going to tell at work. Have a great trip. Can't wait to hear all about it.