Monday, July 21, 2008


Well, it's back to work again this week. We had a really lazy weekend -- I think we need those occasionally. It's been really hot and muggy, and I don't go out much on those types of days because of the asthma. So, yesterday AM before the heat set in, Rod and I were on the porch talking about Christmas, yes Christmas, and I was telling him about the Christmas quilts I had planned for the girls. Can't decide what to do for Kristin. We talked and threw ideas around, and finally decided that there's no reason that I can't take my sampler quilt patterns, choose 12 blocks, and do them in Christmas fabrics. I have tons, already in my stash. Rod said he could hear the wheels turning, and smoke was starting to seep out, but, I started cutting blocks for Kristin's quilt. The sampler quilts were done by hand, and I loved that. It's something I can do sitting with the kids, travelling in the car, or just sitting on the porch. I got two blocks cut yesterday that I can take with me to Hershey this week. We are leaving Thursday evening after Rod gets home from work, and going about three hours away - to Breezewood. Then Friday AM we will drive to Hershey (only about two hours) and should be there about the time the show opens. I have a short "wish list", and so it should be a fun trip. This week I'll work more on the appliques for Bubby's birthday quilt, and tomorrow Rod has his second surgery for the skin cancer. Last week, the dr. did the one on his ear, and it has healed nicely. Tomorrow he'll remove those stitches and do the one on his cheek. Rod really has listened to the dr., and not overdone anything. He stayed out of the sun this weekend, and worked only short periods outside. But, he did manage to finish the steps off the deck. Have a great day, and stay cool.

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Sounds like the perfect weekend to me. Glad to hear Rod did so well with skin cancer removal and hopefully he will do just as well with the second one. Have a wonderful time at Hershey.