Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gratitude Tuesday

I'm giving thanks today. For what this week, you may ask. Oh, the normal things like family and health, but today for the nice weather we had yesterday and are expecting for the next few days. They say it's the first time we've had five days in a row with no rain since April.

My party on Friday night went really well. It was a candle party, and I had enough sales to earn me about $300 in free product. Not bad. Everyone seemed to love the pinwheels that Mary and I made, but I have to say I was really disappointed in the Italian ones. They just didn't have much flavor, although we used a full packet of Italian Salad Dressing mix in the pack of cream cheese.

I'm working on the appliques for Bubby's Backyardigans quilt, and have three ready to fuse to the backgrounds. Wow, there are some really small pieces even though I tried to simplify the designs. I finally finished putting the top for my second sampler quilt together, but have one row of sashing across the bottom to finish. I seem to have misplaced some of the sashing, but I have more fabric, so this morning I will cut the four pieces that I'm missing. And then both sampler quilts are ready for the borders. I just might get these finished before the end of the year! Have a great day.

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Mary said...

Hi Lindabee,

Just cruising in the bloggin world and just had to stop by to see what you are up too...Hubby and you look too adorable! Keep smilin,