Thursday, February 17, 2011

Being Focused and Positive

My friend, Cindy, posted this morning about staying focused and positive. I needed that post today.   I swear if I wasn't afraid of injuring myself, I would kick the wall!  I've tried to hand piece the triangles in the Bird of Paradise block, and they are not the right size.  I'm so frustrated that I could spit (However as a lady, I won't).  So now it's back to the drawing board the measuring board.  Now I have two blocks that need to be redone, remade, or just pitched into the trash can.  But for now, I'll put them in a pile and mark them "Frustration for Sure".  Then some day when I'm looking for frustration, I'll pull them back out and figure out what to do with them.

Yesterday was a horrible day for me.  Jake isn't feeling well.  He's had very loose stool for 10 days now, and after two visits to the doctor, Kristin is sick of hearing how it's a "virus".  Rod swears that the doctors nowadays have a dart board.  When a patient has a problem, they throw a dart and whatever it lands on, that's your diagnosis.  Throughout those 10 days, Jake has been very pleasant.  He laughs and smiles, and kicks his legs when you change his diaper.  Izzy and I have started calling him "Stinky Jake".  But yesterday was a different story.  From 12:30 when he got here until 4:20 he screamed all but 20 minutes -- and that was when the bottle was in his mouth.  I tried everything I could think of -- change diaper, feed him, sing to him, use the gas drops, rock him, and finally I just put him in the swing and let him cry.  I'm just not good at letting a kid cry.  And at 4:20 when he finally fell asleep, I cried.  Rod took him after he got home, and I tried to get Izzy to pick up her toys.  She refused and then sassed me (something she doesn't usually do).  I got mad and yelled, then she cried and then I cried.  Finally I hugged her, apologized to her, and she fell asleep in my arms.  And that hasn't happened much lately.  When George got here to pick the kids up, they were both still sleeping.  Not sure how his evening went.  Last night I just kept asking myself if I was sure that I wasn't too old for this.  Rod assures me that I'm doing great and just had a bad day.  I hope he's right.  I couldn't bear for the kids to stay anywhere else.  Please pray for Jake to get better, and ask God to gift me a little more patience.  Toodles!

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JustCindy said...

First of all, Grammy, you need to stop doubting yourself where those babies are concerned. You and your girls would be very unhappy if you were not keeping them. Rod is right, you had a bad day. Kristen needs to be firm with the dr. Aiden had diaherra for over a month before Lacy got the dr to do something. Which was change his formula that he was allergic to. Like Jake, Aiden was not being unpleasant. Hang in there!