Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

This morning I awoke feeling like Julius Caesar (you know the I came, I saw, I conquered guy), thinking that I could conquer the world.  And I did, almost.  I managed to fix the Bird of Paradise block, and I think it will work now.  However, the Celtic Sunrise block has been trashed.  (Play Taps here).  I couldn't figure out what was wrong, and didn't want the frustration any longer.  So, it's See Ya to Celtic Sunrise.

I'm so anxious to start playing with my new machine, but the table is a mess.  The fabrics for the brown bag swap were spread all over it.  Yesterday I cut and started sewing a block called Betty's Delight.  I thought it looked interesting and am doing it in oranges.  And this morning, so that I could fold up the fabric and clean off the table I cut the two final blocks needed for the quilt.  I chose Starflower, which is one of my favorite blocks.  And for the final block I chose a block called Double Spinwheels.  As a kid, I loved pinwheels and to this day can't resist when I see one.  And so now, I'm ready to play!!!!

Tonight Roddy and I are going shopping (blah, blah) so that tomorrow will be free.  I've got some things to pick up at Costco, and at Joann Fabrics.  We will go to dinner for a belated Valentine's dinner, and who knows what else.  Some hopefully, next week I will have some photos to share.  Have a good weekend.  Toodles!

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JustCindy said...

Glad you got the one block to work. Enjoy your dinner.