Monday, February 7, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday. . .

Wish it were Sunday.  And how!  I feel like I lost this entire weekend.  This head cold really has me down.  Jake is stuffy this morning and very fussy.  He's done nothing but cry and eat since he got here.

Saturday, I was supposed to go and get blood work, but chose to stay home and nurse the cold.  I'll probably catch H*ll on Friday from the dr. when he has no blood test results, but I can't help it.  I slept until 9:30 and then after breakfast chose an easy pattern for a Saddle Up quilt. It's a free quilt pattern from Bonnie Hunter's website and is called I Spy a Four Patch.  I used my various John Deere fabrics for the 4-1/2" squares, and two shades of green for the four patches.  It's about half put together, and then I'll add a border of yellow John Deere fabric that I have a pretty good amount of in my stash.  I love when I can make an entire quilt of stash fabrics.

My friend Cindy made a farm quilt for her grandson Aiden, using applique embroidery.  It's a whole new technique to me, but the results are amazing.  Neither of my current embroidery machines are good ones, and one won't even read cards any more.  So I asked Rod if I could order a new machine, and being the wonderful hubby (and that's the truth) that he is, he gave his permission.  So, on Thursday, I ordered a new Janome 200E machine.  If you haven't seen the Planet Applique website, check it out.  They have some of the cutest designs I've every seen.  My plan (and I hope it will work) is to make churn dash blocks out of the fabrics left over from Jake's farm quilt, and use the farm appliques from the Planet Applique site for the centers of the churn dash blocks.  Will let you know if it works.

Sunday, I did relatively nothing.  The kids came for lunch (Rod made club sandwiches) and left mid-afternoon.  Then I took a nap, played some Facebook games, and the twins brought dinner before the Super Bowl.  As depressing as the final score was, the Steelers gave us a lot of exciting games this season, and quite frankly didn't play well enough to win the Big One.  Better luck next year.  But today, the cold seems better and I'm hoping that I'm on the mend.  And what else . . .  IT'S SNOWING AGAIN!!!!  I think Phil lied.

Stay warm .


Pat said...

Hope you feel better soon!

JustCindy said...

Colds just seem to stay forever. Well, if Phil lied I say we go groundhog hunting. ;) I'll pick you up.