Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Play Days

I continue to play with my embroidery machine.  I decided in the beginning to make each pattern as a sample first, to work out the bugs on my end.  I'm not sorry that I made that decision.  I find that I made bad choices where my fabrics were concerned, and I will know now, what fabric is better to go where.  I'm pleased with the hedgehog, the train and the sock monkey.  For the penguin, I should have used either black or grey for the glasses, and then used yellow to outline stitch.  I didn't realize that the yellow I chose would be the lenses.  And the pirate bear is so cute, but I wish I had chosen a lighter brown so that the eye patch would have been more prominent.  And the next time I will make the flag black since the skull and crossbones were supposed to be stitched in white.  I have lots of fabrics with licensed characters on them, and can choose any number of characters to be driving the train.  I did a train quilt for Krissy when she was younger with characters as the engineers.

All the shirts that I ordered have arrived and are being washed before doing any embroidery on them.  I'm afraid of making mistakes on the shirts, but as they say, "nothing ventured, nothing gained.

We got about 9 inches of snow yesterday, but it's melting a little.  Please spring, make a quick appearance and stay awhile.  Toodles!


JustCindy said...

You are doing great! I agree with the changes you are going to make next time and I have noted those changes so when I stitch those designs I will not make a mistake. If you run across a groundhog let me know.

Pat said...

You are doing really good with this machine. Part of me would like to get an embroidery machine and part of me is wondering if I could justify the expense....would I use it enough??? You have a lot of kids' quilts you do, so you will get use out of it...I'm not sure I would. By the way, I love the penguin...I'm partial to penguins and would love him no matter what colors you had around his eyeglasses!!! LOL