Friday, February 4, 2011

Needing Some Ideas

It hit me this morning that this year's Saddle Up to benefit St. Jude's Children's Research Center is just 3 months away.  Usually I do 4 or 5 quilts for the quilt auction.  Most of the time they are western themed, and I usually do a jar quilt of some type.  So far this year, I am planning a "gum ball" machine quilt.  You know all the machines in the stores that kids are begging for quarters to use, well I've been buying novelty fabrics that I think will make excellent "jip" machines.  So that's one.

I've also decided to do a Starflower quilt with bandana fabrics.  I'm thinking red and blue for the star, white for the background, and maybe some horsey fabric for the sashing.

But, that's it so far.  I'd love to do a churn dash with some sort of western photo in the center, but haven't found anything yet.  What I'm looking for is a simple pieced pattern.  Any ideas?  Please share.

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