Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finally a Spark

Yesterday I finally found a spark - something finally lit a fire under my. . .  well you know.  I began putting fabric away.  The baskets I ordered from Walmart arrived on Friday, I know,  something that arrived early.  I had asked someone who I know stores fabric in baskets how she folds her fabric.  She replied, "who folds, it's just a waste of time."  So yesterday, I started to roll my fabrics to go into the baskets.  All the purples fit into one basket, and I thought all the green had, also.  Then I found another pile of greens, so that will have to be stuffed put in somewhere.  I decided to put all my solids into one basket.  Usually they are just mixed in and seem to get lost in the shuffle.  But it's a start, and now that I see how nice the baskets look on my shelves, I can't wait to get it finished.


Nancy said...

pictures! we want pictures!!

Pat said... would be good. I know I roll clothes when packing for a trip and am able to fit more that way, so maybe it's the same when fabric is rolled for storage!

Nani said...

Yesterday must have been a good day to get started! I started on my organization project in our kitchen annex, where all the boxes from Grandma's are.

I agree that I'd love to see some pictures of your fabric organizing system! Did you take "before" pictures? Not to post, but I took before pics of all the rooms I'm "reclaiming" to remind me to be better about keeping it organized!

Here's to another productive day!