Monday, January 9, 2012

Update on Becky

This is Little Becky, the family calls her "Boo Boo".  She will be 4 at the end of this month, and was diagnosed last week with retinablastoma, a form of cancer.  Unfortunately, her pediatrician has been telling her mom for about six weeks now that it was either allergies or an eye infection.  Her mom was smart enough to realize it was something more serious, and took her to a specialist.  This morning Becky and her mom and dad met with an oncologist at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and a biopsy was done.  Surgery has been scheduled for Wednesday to remove Becky's left eye.  After some time for healing, she will be fitted for a prosthetic eye, and begin chemo treatments.  Some of this could have been prevented if her pediatrician had taken a little more precaution with her problems.  My heart breaks for this little girl and her parents.  I keep thinking about the fact that Izzy is just a few months older, and what this would have done to our family.  We are an amazing support network for our family members.  Unfortunately, my niece has already lost her mom, her dad, and her older sister.  Thankfully, she has her older brother and his wife.  She is also blessed to have my sister-in-law Kathy, who is one of the kindest and biggest-hearted people I know.  Kathy pretty much stepped into the role of  Monie's mom when my sister-in-law passed away.  And Kathy's daughters have become like sisters to Monie.  Please pray for Becky and her parents as they face this tragedy and all the uncertainty the future holds.  We all know that prayers can accomplish so much.


Pat said...

I will keep little Becky in my prayers, Linda.

Retired Knitter said...

Oh, what a precious little girl facing a big problem. I will certainly pray for this little girl.