Saturday, January 7, 2012


Today is a really good day!!!  I went grocery shopping this morning and spent a ton of money, but came home with many good, healthy items.  And I am feeling really happy because I lost 4.8 pounds in the last three weeks. Sticking to my healthy eating plan has become easier.  I am most definitely going down the sugar free road, and because I feel so great, the road is happy yellow.  I did step off the path the other night when I had a few cookies dunked in milk (my biggest weakness in the whole wide road).  But it was sort of like Dorothy ending up in the poppy field -- however, mine was just a short break, and then I was right back on the road again.  If I could dance, I would be doing a happy dance.  But since I can't dance, I'll just give a big WAHOOO!!!


rubyslipperz said...

CONGRATS for the loss! Can you hear my "round of applause"? Maybe not? Well, I am... great job!

I really LUV the "yellow brick road" picture. I'm a W of O fan!


Pat said...

GREAT job, Linda!!! Keep it up!!!

Nani said...

Congrats on the great work paying off! Cookies are a weakness of mine too. A small treat now and then is okay. Even with the Poppies, Dorothy still got to Oz and then home, right? :)