Friday, January 13, 2012

Getting Started

This morning I began cutting the blades for my Dresden Plates.  As many of you know, I love to hand piece and I've decided to hand piece the plates. It gives me something more constructive than playing games on Facebook to do during the day when the TV only displays kids programming.  This morning, I cut some of the blades, and marked the 1/4" seam allowances on those.  They are in a plastic school box along with my thread, scissors and pincushion.  And so, I'm set to get started.  I love these little plastic school boxes and use them for so many things.  I buy them in August or September when they are on sale for 99cents  or less.  And the lids are so many different colors.  I have one with all my "tools" in, marking pencils, pens, tape measures and my little wooden stick iron.  In another is all my rick rack; another holds the moisture beads for neck coolers.  In still another are all my fabric markers.  Most recently, I started to use one for the pieces that I cut for baby doll clothes.  The pieces are so little, and this keeps them all in one place and totally under control.  It's just too bad I didn't keep the pattern pieces in one or I wouldn't still be looking for the strap for Tinkerbell's dress.  It's supposed to be a cold, windy, snowy weekend. Steeler football has come to an end, so I should accomplish a lot this weekend.  Stay warm.


Nani said...

What a great use of the school boxes! I think I should get me some of those for my craft supplies.

Enjoy your quilting weekend! We're expecting cold and snow this weekend too. I may try the scrapbook idea influenced by the Dresden Plates too! (Becau4 following your work is inspiring me double!)

Pat said...

I wonder if I should get the info from you on making those neck coolers? We are taking the daughter and grands to WDW in the summer as the grands have never been and I know it will be super hot. It might be a good idea to have those with us.