Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's a Whole New Year

And I'm hoping to start a whole new life.  I'm planning to embark on a journey - one that will change my life forever.  I have tried nearly every diet around, beginning with Richard Simmons and ending with the Glycemic Index Diet.  And I've not really lost any weight, but rather continued to gain.  So, I'm breaking it off with dieting.  Yep, going cold turkey.  Mmmm turkey.  It all started with an article from Diabetic Living Magazine.  I think I've read it at least 8 times, and it makes more sense every time. The article advises to concentrate on healthy eating to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and says that weight loss will follow. So, even though I've had a full week off from babysitting, I've done no sewing.  I've been making plans for my new life.  I've been researching recipes, easy healthy lunches, and yummy yet healthy snacks.  I guess it's been like packing for the trip.  

For the last 10 days of 2011, I was on a very strong antibiotic which took my sugar levels to an unhealthy high.  They are coming down slowly, and that's my main focus now.  I need to concentrate on healthy eating so that my blood sugar numbers will return to a healthy level.  So, I'm going to make a contract with myself, and document my journey into good health.  I've always been a list maker, and I think that writing it down in sort of a journal will force me to look at life and how I'm living it.  I need to find my motivation, and have decided to hang a small mirror in my sewing room with a sign that identifies the person looking back as "My Motivation."  It has to be me -- not anyone else.  And it can't be weight loss, it has to be getting my health back.  Forcing myself to move more will be the most difficult part, since basically I'm a sitter.  But, it's a new year, and time to find a new me.  Would you like to travel with me?  I could sure use the company.

Welcome to 2012 and all the promise you hold for me.


C. Joy said...

I'm 52 and in the last few years I've started reminding myself to "follow the money" anytime an idea is put in front of me... The diet industry with it's fake foods and extremely thin (usually young) models seems to be one of the worst things I've ever bought into. The harder I've tried to become perfect (as if there was a perfect) the larger I've gotten. I think you are on to something - let's strive to be healthy and maybe the excess weight will go away on its own. When it didn't work for you, did you ever get any money back from Richard Simmons? Take care of yourself. I'll be cheering for you. You can do this, because this time is for you.

Retired Knitter said...

I have already commented on your Chubby Bee blog. I totally support the focus on blood sugar and on healthy eating - via the diabetic diet! The diabetic diet has been recognized as a healthy diet for decades.

And focusing on the blood sugar numbers will take the emphasis off the scale - that is just a number after all. Keep focused on your blood sugar numbers.

And move, more more - use a pedomter. Even if you only move 300 steps a day, that is a start. The next day aim for 325 steps and then 330 steps and just keep adding it up. You will succeed!! I feel it.

Nani said...

{{{hugs}}}} I support you, Linda!

I'm back to my dedicated healthy foods too. For me, it's keeping my cholesterol down. I cut my unhealthy fats and fixed my idea of portion size, it's not a pound of almonds, who knew? ;)

You're absolutely right.Concentrating on feeling and being healthy instead of the numbers on the scale is the way to do it. With healthy, comes the weight loss as a side-effect, not a slow and frustrating priority!

Best of luck on this! You'll do great!

Pat said...

I need to try this, too. I am not diabetic (hubby is), but it is a healthy way of eating to do as you have said.....and if I do that with making a bit more effort on moving around more, I think I can get healthier and shed some weight at the same time. Let's all try!