Wednesday, January 25, 2012


No, No, don't get the wrong idea.  I love sewing, but hate quilting.  I love finding patterns, choosing colors and fabrics,and piecing tops.  But I hate the quilting part.  If I were rich, I'd pay to have all my tops quilted professionally. For me, quilting seems to take forever.  Remember when I said I felt the need to finish something.  The very next day I finished the Farmer's Market top and pinned it on the fleece, ready for quilting.  I don't know if I do too much quilting or if I'm just slow, but it's still not finished.  The quilting is finished and all I have to do is the binding.  But when I have the kids during the day, I don't like to go into the sewing room and leave them in the living room.  And there's way too much stuff for Jake to get into in the sewing room - believe me. Usually I have Tuesdays to sew, but yesterday with Rod home to get the car inspected and Kris and the kids here most of the day (she had a bad migraine), I got nothing done.   So now my next chance to sew is Saturday.  Do you do all your own quilting?  Any tips?  I'm trying to come up with a plan to put money aside each pay into a "quilting fund".  Any ideas?

We got some really bad news yesterday.  My niece learned yesterday that the cancer has spread to little Becky's blood, and she will need to undergo chemotherapy.  She starts her first round today, and Friday is her 4th birthday.  Please continue to pray for Becky and her mom.


Pat said...

I'm very sorry to hear this news about Becky...... so many things in life seem way too unfair. :(
As for your comment about hating quilting, I am the same way. First of all, I don't do good quilting, so that makes me not like it. Sorry I don't have any suggestions...all I can do is offer my sympathetic understanding as I struggle with the same issue.

JustCindy said...

I'm with Pat, I don't do good quilting and I don't have any suggestions. I think that is why most of my quilts are cross hatched quilted.

Nancy said...

So sorry to hear the news about sad that a child has to suffer..

On the quilting question...are you doing free motion quilting? I find it just takes forever cause I tend to start out on the smallish side and then of course the rest has to match. Now I do mostly straight line quilting. I start in the center(ish) and do a line up, turn the quilt and do a line down. If I have blocks I will devise some type of pattern line following the blocks or just use my walking foot arm to make the lines even. Sometimes I don't care if they are even and just go up and down, up and down...and they are what they are... the following link will take you some photos on my flickr account that show what I am talking about..

Don't be intimidated by the circles quilted on that first little quilt. It's only 18 inches wide and I just went round and round with my walking foot, spacing the lines using the side of the walking foot. If you see something and have questions, just email me... I won't say I am a great quilter, but it's good enough for me! lol

Nancy said...

wow...i do go on..don't i? LOL

Nani said...

First off to everyone who says their quilting isn't "good," I hope you aren't compating it to a machine or a vision of "perfect" in your minds when you say that. I have a quilt my great-great-grandmother made. The stitches are uneven in places and maybe not tiny in others, but it's a beautiful quilt and it's a beloved treasure. Grammy dies when I couldn't find a more perfect quilt. It's not the stitches that come out of your needles, but the love you put in!

That being said, I think the quilting part is what's holding me back from retrieving and finishing my grandmother's quilts.

Sending a prayer for little Becky. There have been cancer deaths in our family and I admit I hate it more than MS. MS is much kinder to me than cancer has been to too many.