Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh, No - A Speed Bump

You think that you're moving right along and then, ooof, a speed bump. I started cutting the strips for the Plate Club, and discovered that I have no blue dots. I know, it's unbelievable. I thought I had a lot of dots, but as it turns out, I don't have as many as I thought. I have some fabrics that are ovals and I think they will work. I have also used some that are little flowers and look like dots, but nothing in blue. I promised myself that I wouldn't but any new fabrics for this quilt, but . . . Hmmm.  These are the fabrics I've cut so far.  The black on the far right is a floral, but I like it.  The green two strips to the left is also a floral, but it's a 30's repro and I think it looks OK.  The brown is also a floral, the orange on the left is swirls, and the last black on the left is triangles and I'm not sure about it.  The hearts look pretty good, I think.  But I really think I need some blues.  Maybe I can find something on sale really cheap since I've already gone over my quilting budget for the month.  See you later, I'm going hunting.

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Retired Knitter said...

Hey, I totally understand. I do that with yarn. I want green - not the green I have - I have about 4 shaves of green - I want kelly green or forest green.

Yes, and I go buy it - even if I have promised not to buy yarn. But that is an improvment because I buy yarn now out of a need - not because I feel in the mood to just buy yarn - which I have done for YEARS!

Baby steps.