Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cleaning the Sewing Room . . . Again

Jake's and Kristina's quilt tops are finished, and Bubby's and Izzy's are started.  I decided it was time to clean the sewing room . . . again.  I think there is a gremlin who sneaks in at night and messes up my sewing room.  He throws fabric on the floor, on the table, on the sideboard, and on the sewing cabinet.  He takes all the items that I have received in the mail, puts them back in the mailers, and throws them wherever they land.  And I'm left with the mess.  It had gotten to the point that I couldn't find anything.  And so, I declared, "Let the cleaning begin".  I've been working on it a little at a time for almost a week now.

The furniture arrangement just wasn't serving it's purpose, so last Sunday Rod helped me move the furniture around.  Inside the big door of the sewing cabinet, I had a decorative milk can and a over sized basket that were filled with scraps of fabric - fabric that I hadn't looked at or touched in years.  That fabric was introduced to the burning barrel.  And I don't miss it.  I have been folding and putting fabric away until my canvas bins are overflowing, and I still have more to go.  I found kits that I had forgotten that I had bought and had never started.  Three quilt kits, an ironing board cover, a messenger bag, a small wristlet purse, a composition book cover, and much more.  Patterns for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas wall hangings, and so on.  And all the BOM's not completed.

Rod and I have made reservations to go the February Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA (where we lived for a few months).  But the forecast of a bad winter combined with all the projects which have not been started or completed have made me rethink our decision. I haven't made a final decision, but am leaning toward canceling those reservations.

And, if I stick to my current plan, the end of 2013 will see more completed projects.  

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