Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just Thinkin'

When Cindy posted her October teapot yesterday, it started me to thinking about all the BOM's that I have tucked away that I've either never finished or not started.  Some of them go back as far as 2003.  Since I have so many projects planned for the rest of this year, I have decided that 2013 should be the "Year of UFO's".  Next year (provided that I stick to my guns), I plan to start and finish most of these BOM's.

Here are some of the BOM's I need to finish:

1. Be Attitudes
2. Amy Bradley Sugar & Spice Paper Doll Quilt -2004
3. Teapot BOM
4.  Pat Sloan Circle of Friends 2003
5.  30's Repro Basket of the Month
6.  Henrietta Squirrel

But I will need your help.  It will help if you "nag" me about working on these quilts, but more importantly, I need your opinion.  Would you do a block from each quilt each month, or would you do all the blocks and then move onto the next quilt?


Pat said... I the wrong one to ask as I have lots of UFO's myself and don't seem to succeed at making any headway with them. Good luck (to both of us) with that!!!

JustCindy said...

I think it is great that you want to finish up your BOM. You will love your Be Attitude quilt when you get it finished. Every time I look at the one I made Lacy I wish I had made one for myself. The Henritta squirrel quilt is so cute and I am not familar with your other BOM. I think if it was me I would start on one quilt and do all the blocks before moving on to the next one.