Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wahoo, I'm Sewing Again

After a hiatus of several weeks, I reintroduced myself to my sewing room yesterday.  The voice is familiar, it said, but I can't seem to place the face.  "Oh, surely you remember me," I replied.  "I'm the one who leaves the mess."  And it did remember.

I worked on Jake's Bubble Guppy quilt.  This is the fabric that I chose as a border, but I didn't think it would work properly.  So, I ordered a fabric with sea horses on it.  I really loved this fabric, however, so I fussy cut the crabs for the cornerstones.  I cut the "crab-line" at the blue rick-rack on the top and at the blue waves on the bottom.  Rather than waste the fabrics that I had to cut off, I have decided to use them as my binding.  It's the Scotch in me, waste not.. want not.  Now, I'm ready to put the top together, and will do that this weekend.

I still have not found my jar of quilting pins.  I have searched, questioned, and prayed to St. Anthony, but still no pins.  So last night I ordered replacements.  Now we shall see how quickly something lost can be found!! All you have to do is replace something, and poof, it shows up.  Rod's comment was that if I find the others, I can prepare twice as many quilts.  He is so funny!!!

Tomorrow after work we leave for the train show in York, PA.  I so excited.  We haven't been there in two years, and it's not the show as much as it is spending time in the car with Rod.  We turn on the music, he drives, I sing, and we dream.  Some of our best ideas have been the result of a car trip.  The leaves should be at just about peak, so I look forward to the trip.  We'll be back Friday evening.   Have a great rest of the week.

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JustCindy said...

I love that fabric! I can't wait to see Jake's quilt. I feel your pain about misplacing things, I was almost in tears Monday searching for a block I had made. Have fun at the train show.