Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So Long, Good Friend

It's official . . .  today I say good bye to my laptop, my faithful companion, my window to the adult world while children's programming surrounds me.  (NO not THAT adult world)  My laptop has been so strong, it has even survived being run over by a car.  The screen needed to be replaced, but otherwise it was fine.  I love this laptop.  It's a Gateway, and I'm very picky.  Rod has a Gateway also, but his screen is huge compared to mine, and it's so much heavier.  And as my kids say, "I'm only little".  The disc drive bid us adieu some months ago.  It fell out, and every time I put it back in - it fell out again.  Since I didn't use it much, I just put it on a shelf.  Then a screw cracked out, one that held the top to the bottom.  So when I opened the laptop, I had to hold the hinge so that it wouldn't fall apart.  OK, I could live with that.  But this weekend, one of the twins (not knowing my laptop was on it's last legs) opened the lid quickly and with some force, and the result was disastrous.  The power button fell out, the spring under the power button fell out, and I could hear "Taps" being played by bagpipes off in the distance.  A tear trickled down my cheek.  I knew my good friend was failing fast.  In order to turn on the laptop, I had to stick my finger into the hole where the power button used to be.  And I'm always leery about sticking my finger into unknown places.  But as you can tell, I didn't get electrocuted - which is a good thing.

So last night, Mary helped me find a laptop that met all my requirements.  It had to have an Intel processor - check.  It had to have a number keypad - check.  And it had to have a 15.6" screen - check.  We found it on Amazon, and by using Prime I was able to get it shipped next day for only $3.99.  And my new best friend is scheduled for delivery today, it's already on the truck.  I have to admit that I'm excited, but I'm not looking forward to transferring all my "stuff" to the new one.  And so, as I prepare to welcome my new laptop, I find myself singing a song from grade school - "Goodbye Old Paint, I'm Leaving Cheyenne".

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