Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 6 - Disney's Hollywood Studios Revisited

This day was probably my least favorite of the entire trip.  Although Hollywood Studios is one of my favorite parks, I just wasn't feeling it today.  Rod and I were a little slow moving, and when we finally arrived at Hollywood Studios decided not to go through baggage check, but head straight for the ferry boat that would take us to Cape May.  We had a 10:30 breakfast reservation.  This breakfast is a character breakfast with Goofy, Minnie and Donald in their beach attire.  We met the kids there since they were already in Hollywood Studios when we arrived.  While the food was good, the atmosphere was unorganized mass confusion.  I don't know how else to describe it.  One family was so desperately trying to get photos with Donald Duck, that upon returning from the buffet, Mary stood for nearly 10 minutes waiting to get back into her seat. She tried to excuse herself, but the family either didn't understand English or just didn't care.  The whole breakfast experience only served to worsen my already bad humor.

We returned by ferry to Hollywood Studios, and had some photos taken, the gang did their favorite rides, and the heat continued to build.  We did the Beauty and the Beast show again, and when the cast member directed me to the handicapped area, he told me to leave my scooter parallel parked to the bleachers.  The seat on the Demon Scooter didn't turn, so I ended up watching the show by turning my head - another addition to my bad humor.  We went to the Animation building again, but before drawing this time, we decided to watch the movie, "The Magic of Disney Animation".  None of us had seen it previously, and it was a history of Disney animation as told by an animator and the character of Mushu, from the movie Mulan.  I found it to be quite interesting and amusing.  Then it was on the the drawing class.  We rode "The Great Movie Ride", and managed to see the Pixar Pals Parade, although it was delayed because of still more rain.

We did dinner at Hollywood and Vine, for which we had booked the Fantasmic Dining Package.  We got some Disney Magic when our server offered to go next door to get Peanut Butter and Milkshakes for part of our group.  And they were soooo good.  When we left Hollywood and Vine, it was raining again.  And although Fantasmic is one of my favorite shows, I was tired of the rain and begged to go back to the hotel.  I don't know if Rod was really ready to leave, but he tries to give me whatever I want and so we left Hollywood Studios.  The kids stayed for Fantasmic, but said it wasn't as great in the rain.

Tomorrow - EPCOT and Mary and Jimmy leave for home.

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Pat said...

I enjoy the drawing classes and want to get enough of them drawn so I can make a collage of my drawings and frame them. I was doing good...until the last trip and the character was not "traditional" was one of the characters from Phineas and Ferb. I was very disappointed as I want my collage to only be traditional Disney characters. I'll try again next trip and hope for better luck. Sorry your revisit t HS this trip wasn't so good. :(