Saturday, October 6, 2012

Home Again, Jiggety Jig

Last night,  after a long delay at the Orlando airport due to electrical storms, we were finally able to leave Florida and return home.    It was along week, way to hot and humid for this fall-lovin gal. It was a semi magical trip.  I rented an ECV, it's much more sturdy than mine.  I rented from the same company that I used last year, but this year they sent me a scooter that was possessed - the Demon Scooter, to be sure.  The first day there we planned on seeing the Main Street Electrical Parade followed by the Wishes fireworks.  Of course, it's dark and the park is packed.  But I discover that the Demon Scooter has horns and a headlight that don't work.  Furthermore, it seems to have no concept of what the speed control is for.  At one point in Hollywood Studios, it sped up without warning, and I ran into a metal pole, slamming my stomach against the tiller.  It hurt like a  . . . well you get the picture.  All night I worried about whether I would need to have my spleen removed.  You know in "movie land" people who are injured always need to have their spleen removed.  And, I was, after all in Hollywood Studios!

The next day we were in EPCOT.  I went to go to the bathroom and turned off the key just like I always do.  When I came back, I had my left foot on the scooter when it suddenly lurched forward, knocking me to the ground. It had to be possessed to move on its own.  First my left knee twisted, followed by my sitter hitting the ground, then my back, followed  immediately by my noggin - ooof, oh, thump!  And all I said was "oh no".  Pat ran out and got her dad - his first visit to the ladies room.  I asked for another big strong man, but instead a big strong lady came to my rescue.  And she, Rod and Pat had me on my feet in no time. DEMON, for sure.

And the battery charge indicator wasn't any better.  It showed that I still had three green dots when the scooter just stopped dead, and Rod had to push me and the scooter to the car.  Thank goodness we were nearly out of the park. When I tried to call with my complaints, I got a voice mail that was so garbled that I couldn't understand a word of it.  I returned the scooter with a note to the renter that I was extremely disappointed in the scooter they had provided. And when it was returned to bell services, I bid it a glad farewell.  I'll take my "old blue" any day.

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Pat said...

Well...THAT stinks! I am sorry to hear you had that kind of trouble. I will look forward, though, to hearing happier stories of your trip when you get a chance to post about them.