Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 2 - Animal Kingdom and the Halloween Parade

Day Two began with breakfast at the Tusker House, one of my favorite breakfasts.  It is a Safari Breakfast hosted by Donald Duck. Before you enter the restaurant, you have your photo taken with Donald decked out in his safari gear. The food here is really delicious.  It is a buffet, complete with all the usual breakfast foods - sausage, bacon, eggs, pastries, cereals, but there is also carved ham, a yam casserole complete with raisins, a spicy corned beef hash, and frittatas.   During the course of the meal, you are visited by Mickey, Daisy Duck, and Goofy in their safari clothes.

After breakfast, we met up with Mary's family and did the Kilimanjaro Safari.  We really love the safari, and were lucky to see quite an assortment of animals this trip .  We even had an unplanned stop due to a giraffe who decided to stand in the middle of the road.  And we did the Festival of the Lion King show.  This is truly one of the most magnificent shows on property.  And it didn't disappoint.  Following the show, some did Expedition Everest, others did the Jungle Trek.  Rod and I headed toward the front of the park, shopping as we went.  We just don't handle the heat as well as the kids.  Since the twins were going to swim with Mary's family that afternoon, Rod and I returned to our resort, shared a shrimp po' boy and chocolate iced brownie, and then returned to our room to take a nap.

 We met the group at the Magic Kingdom for the Halloween Party.  Rod and I hadn't had dinner, so we headed to Cosmic Ray's.  I got the chicken nuggets and fries, and Rod had a burger and fries.  We hadn't planned on watching the first parade; but as it neared parade time, we found ourselves near the handicapped viewing area, and so we found a spot and watched the first parade.  The beginning of the parade is heralded by the arrival of the headless horseman.

The parade features many of the Disney characters  and some of them are in costume.  The Pooh characters are always in some sort of costume.  Captain Hook and Smee are aboard one pirate ship being closely followed by the crock, while Captain Jack Sparrow and Barbosa are aboard another.
One of the highlights of the parade for me are the gravediggers.  They perform much like a drill team, scraping their shovels along the pavement and creating sparks.  It really is an impressive thing to see.

The Hallowishes fireworks are always spectacular, and Mary found us a perfect spot in front of the Crystal Palace to watch them. It seems like  Rod and I were party poopers, but the heat was taking it's toll on us, so after the fireworks we decided to head back to our resort for an early night.  We watched a little tv before turning in for the night.

Tomorrow,  Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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Pat said...

Sounds like day 2 had heat but not any rude folks (like the previous day). Thanks for another fun read!