Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 4 - Magic Kingdom and Raglan Road

Day 4 started with an early morning breakfast at Kona.  Kona is known for it's "Tonga Toast", a banana stuffed sourdough bread rolled in cinnamon sugar.  It looked delicious, believe me; but not so healthy for a diabetic.  So, I passed on the tonga toast, and instead chose a breakfast of steak and eggs.  The steak was cooked perfectly, and with the scrambled eggs and a large glass of tomato juice, was a very satisfying breakfast.

I had never seen the opening show at the Magic Kingdom, and was hoping that with a 7:30 breakfast I could make it via the monorail in time to see it.  I wasn't in time to see the beginning with the singers, but I did make it in time to see the characters arrive on the train.  Jimmy got permission for us to leave the rental cars at the Polynesian since we wouldn't be gone all day, and so the rest of the group met Pam and I just outside the Magic Kingdom when they arrived on the monorail.

We had some photos taken with the pumpkin people in town square, and proceeded to the Town Square Theater for more character meet and greets.  I overheard someone say that Rapunzel was appearing in the princess section, so I chose to head in that direction.  I met and had my picture taken with Cinderella, Belle, and Rapunzel.  Rod and I went outside to wait for the others, and saw Snow White posing for photos and signing autographs.  I went and got in line just as she was leaving for a short break.  When all the people in front of me left, I was then first in line.  She was gone only a few minutes, and when she returned, I was first.  The family showed up right before Snow White, and we had a group photo taken with her.  We decided to check out the Emporium, one of the gift shops on Main Street.  It was a quaint "little" shop, loaded with Disney merchandise.  But around the top of the rooms were antiques, and I spotted a clock much like the one my grandmother had when I was a child.  In this shop, I purchased a box of salt water taffy for my mom, divided plates for Izzy and Jake, and vinylmation figures for Krissy and Bubby.  The rest of the time was spent seeing our favorite shows and riding rides.  Rod and I did lunch at Columbia Harbour House, where I tried the lobster roll and found it to be a good choice.

Rod and I returned to our resort, and took a boat ride down the Sassogoula River to Downtown Disney and our dinner reservation at Raglan Road.  I had wanted to give this restaurant a try for several trips, and finally found a chance.  Raglan Road is an authentic Irish pub which was built in Ireland and shipped to Downtown Disney.  I had heard good things about the food here, and was anxious to give it a try.  For my appetizer I chose smoked salmon, which I had never eaten before.  It was served with capers, chopped shallots, and creme fraiche.  Rod didn't care for it, but I found it to be delightful.
For my entree, I chose Kevin's Heavenly Ham.  This was an Irish mist glazed loin of bacon (fresh, not smoked) and came with cabbage and colcannon potatoes.  My dinner certainly lived up to it's reputation.  Rod had ordered the colcannon soup for his appetizer and chose Sod the Stew, a beef stew infused with Guinness for his main course.  He said the stew was good, but he's not a big fan of Guinness.  For dessert we chose Ger's Bread and Butter pudding, a deliciously rich dessert, but way too much for one person.  We probably ate less than half of that dessert.

We were in no big hurry to leave because of the entertainment. This little stage was in the center of the restaurant, with a stage with a band off to the right.  I love the Celtic sounds, and am fascinated with the dancers, so we just sat for a while and enjoyed the entertainment.  In the gift shop, I found family crests for Burton and Hall (daughter Kristin's name) so I bought a couple of pins with the crests on them. We had planned on doing some shopping in Downtown Disney, but when we exited Raglan Road, it was pouring.  We got my poncho on so that my scooter and I were covered, and headed for the boat to return to our resort.  We did not want to get stuck using the buses in the event that it stormed.  We arrived back safely, went to the hotel food factory for some beverages, and returned to our room to watch Sunday Night Football.

Tomorrow - EPCOT on the 30th anniversary.

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Pat said...

We ate at Raglan Road once......when meeting up with an elementary school friend I'd not seen for 50 years (and her husband). They live near Disney and when she retired from teaching, she worked for Disney for several years. We had a great dinner but since we wanted to talk and catch up on 50 years, it was pretty hard to do that with all the loud music. I do love it there, though!