Thursday, March 13, 2008

Black/White or Color

Last month I worked on a Log Cabin Quilt -- my first log cabin block. Pat Sloan had designed the quilt called "Log Cabin Insanity", and we had a weekend sew-in to help break up our cabin fever. I wanted to use fabrics from my stash, and chose to do my blocks with a white on-black and a black-on-white combination. The result was really stunning, and I can't wait to finish the quilt. I noticed yesterday while watching the boob tube with my grandkids that so many of the ads this spring are featuring black/white combinations in the fashions. Then others are featuring bright, bold colors. I'm ready for some bright colors, and am really loving the bright greens and oranges. Which do you prefer, brights or black/white?


LindaW said...

Nice job Lindabee! Waving at you from the other end of PA. I'll keep checking back to see your great projects. Your Log Cabin turned out fabulous!

Cherold said...

I love your quilt! Good luck with your blog and don't forget to put a picture of the quilt up when it is finished!


Becky said...

I discovered your blog from your post on Pat Sloan's group. Absolutely love your black/white and red log cabins. I too am "brewing" a quilt in my head with these color combinations.

Hope that you can get some sewing this weekend.

Becky in Georgia