Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Top o' the Morning to You. St. Patty's Day has arrived, and I have my corned beef and cabbage ready to go into the crockpot. My MIL was Irish, and always had corned beef on St. Patty's Day. When she could no longer cook, I took over the tradition and I'll never forget the tears in her eyes the first year that I took her corned beef dinner to her. So, here's to you Dee. I'm still doing it. I also found an Irish Soda bread recipe that sounds pretty easy. I've never made it, but will give it a shot today. Check it out at . Today DD Kristin works a 12-hour shift at the clinic (she's a vet), so I'll be preparing two meals and will send one home with her hubby when he picks up the baby. DD Mary will be at Spina Bifida clinic with Bubby, so she and her family will come her for dinner this evening. And to satisfy those who won't eat corned beef, I've picked up two frozen pizzas which will make them plenty happy.

Did you get alot accomplished this weekend? I finished 4 baby bibs on Friday night, and worked on Saturday on the bandana log cabin quilt. This quilt top has given me fits. First I ran out of fabric and had to order more. Then when it came I finished the blocks which were almost done. Saturday when I started to put them together, I found I was 2 blocks short. I'm sure they're here somewhere, but it was faster to make two more than it was to look for them. So finally the top is finished, and I'm really pleased with it. I'll post a picture probably tomorrow. Once the quilt top was done, I fused some pieces I had traced for the next quilt top onto the fabric and got them cut out ready to fuse onto the background blocks. And still I managed to get to the grocery store yesterday morning. So, for me it was a pretty lucrative weekend. I'm hoping to get a top onto my quilting frame one evening this week. Have a great day.

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