Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hump Day, again

Wow, I completely missed Gratitude Tuesday yesterday. I'm just having a little trouble getting into the routine after that long weekend. But this is hump day, and we're trudging along to Friday. We had planned to go to the Lancaster show this weekend, but the weather doesn't sound very promising for running from building to building. So, we cancelled our reservation, but if we wake up on Saturday and it looks good, we may take off for the day. Lancaster is less than 5 hours from here, and DH and I have done some of our best dreaming and planning while riding in the car. DD Kristin went to school in Philadelphia - across the state from us and a six hour drive. We used to go out and back in the same day. At that time it was our CD player for background music-- now it's a Zune. How times change!

It's a very sad day here today. Last night we had to euthenize our chocolate lab, Gravy-Gravy. (Don't ask how he got his name) He was a member of our family for nearly 15 years, living with us for most of that time and then moving in with the twins shortly after they got their own place. He was a good dog, and loved to sing. He even learned to whine "I love you". He was great with the kids, and will be sorely missed.
Here's a photo of a quilt I made for DD Kristin (the vet) based on Ami Simms's "Puppus Doggus" pattern. Using stitching for eyebrows and winks gave each dog a little more personality. It was really a scrappy quilt, using dog bone flannel for the border and sashing. Have a good hump day.


Pat (Riker) said...

I am very sorry to hear about your loss of Gravy Gravy. They do leave tracks on our hearts and it is very hard when they leave us. Thanks for showing the puppy quilt. It is wonderful. Hoping your family is comforted by the happy times you had with Gravy Gravy and the memories will help you through the rough days.

Scrappy said...

Linda, this is just gooorgeous ! I love those patterns. And congratulations on the quilting, I'm still learning to do machine quilting, I admire your work ! Selmy ;)