Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Monday

Our long Easter holiday has come to an end. DD Kristin called me Thursday AM to tell me she had been admitted to the hospital late Wednesday night with a rapid heartbeat. So DH was home part of the day on Thursday, Mary went to work late, and I had all three kids. Then on Thursday evening DSIL Jimmy (Mary's husband) came home with the news that he had been laid off. We colored eggs and baked Easter shaped cookies with the kids on Thursday evening. Kristin got released on Friday afternoon (the dr. forgot she was there until the nurses called him). Kris is OK, just exhausted and dehydrated. But she worked Saturday am. Rod and I finally got to shop on Friday evening. Wow that money really goes fast.

Yesterday we had brunch with all the kids and grandkids, even two of Kristin's stepkids ages 15 and 20). Then for dinner I made prime rib - my first time, and scalloped potatoes for Rod and I, my mom and the twins. Mary and her family came back after having dinner with Jimmy's family. The recipe I used for the prime rib was so simple and I didn't understand how the meat would have much flavor. But it was really good. It was a recipe from recipezaar.

I got almost nothing done as far as sewing goes, and spent most of Saturday am trying to put a quilt on my John Flynn frame. I think I could have pieced another top in the amount of time I spent. So, I have decided to machine quilt the quilts, and worry about the frame after the Saddle Up.

This morning I'm worried that I won't get all the quilts done, but can only do my best. Hope your holiday weekend was a good one. Bye for now. Lindabee

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Pat (Riker) said...

I am so sorry to hear of the recent upsets in the family. Times are really tough for people nowadays and many of us have worries for our grown and married kids. I wish things would be is very scary. Our kids can hardly make it with the economy the way it is and jobs being lost...and we are at a stage of fixed-income where we can't do too much to help them. What worries for our golden years. My prayers are with you for things to get better there very soon.