Monday, April 14, 2008

Am I Spoiled?

My mom certainly thinks so. She commented to Rod on Saturday that in all the years she and my dad were married, she doesn't think he ever cooked her breakfast or lunch. So, am I spoiled??? Most definitely. He brings me coffee every morning before he leaves for work. He emails me each morning from work just to let me know he arrived safe and sound. And, every weekend that we're at home, Rod makes breakfast for me. He was a short order cook when we got married, and hasn't lost his touch. His eggs are the best, and his pancakes are to die for. Lots of times when the kids are coming for dinner, Pap cooks pancakes. But yesterday was really special. As a surprise for the three kids who were there for dinner, Pap made his "world-famous" club sandwiches. All are made to order and those who don't like mayonaise, lettuce or tomato, don't get them. He even puts the toothpicks in them, cuts them into fours, and turns them on the side -- just like they did in the restaurant. DD Mary even took a photo of hers yesterday so that she can scrapbook a page about them. Is that a hoot?

No, I didn't get all the quilts finished. But I'm close. I have this problem. When Rod says, do you want to ride along, I go. My granny always said "When your man wants you to go along, don't question. Just take off your apron, brush your hair, and go." So, I guess it's Granny's fault. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. So, what to I do when my hubby spoils me??? I spoil him right back. Love you, Rod. Linda

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Quilting Cindy said...

I ride along with my husband also. The only place I don't go with him is to wash the pickup, that is my time to get fixed up to spend the rest of Sunday with the husband. Love reading your post.