Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wowser Wednesday

It's Wednesday, and I have no kids today. Kris is off and so keeps the baby, and SIL Jimmy is still on layoff and has the Bubster, so my sewing machine will smoke today. I started quilting the jar quilt with the variegated green thread I bought at Lancaster, and it's my big wowser for today. I bought the thread because I liked the colors, but when I quilted on black with it, it looks almost flourescent. Wait until you see the quilt -- photos coming later this week. I love jar quilts. You can put so many neat things in the jars, I even found fabric with money on it, and who doesn't need a jar of money in their pantry!!! I scanned in a vinegar bottle, and a steak sauce bottle and took the shapes of them for various things. Raspberries are in one bottle for raspberry vinegar, chili peppers in one look like peppers in oil, and green grapes are for white wine vinegar. Have you ever made a jar quilt? There are so many patterns out there for the jars. Here's a cool little site I found with free patterns. If you've never done a jar quilt, put it on your list of things to do. They become addictive.

Those of you who read about our sweet Gravy having to be put down, take a few minutes to read DD Mary's blog at She gives a great tribute to Gravy and how much we all loved him.

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Quilting Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing the link to the jar pattern. I can't wait to see your jar quilt.