Saturday, April 5, 2008

Back from Town

Well, I'm a little late this morning because we went to town -- you know banking and the like. I promised you photos of two of the Saddle Up Quilts, and, and thanks to DD Mary, I have those to post today. Mary is our family photographer and is pretty much self taught. She gets some great shots, and most of the photos you will see on my blog are courtesy of Mary.
This photo is the bandana log cabin I finished. It is three colors of bandana fabrics and the pattern was a Pat Sloan Log Cabin Insanity Pattern. Thanks Pat.

This is the jar quilt in it's entirety. I really had a ball with this quilt, and have even more to put on the next one, which will be mine. The top half of the quilt contains the snacks, candies, veggies, and vinegars. It was DGD Krissy's idea to tip over the jar of candy corn.
On the bottom half of the quilt we have sewing items, carpenter items, pencils, safety pins, and toys. Just click the photos for a close up look. Hope you enjoyed my quilt show this morning.
An update on the phone situation. When DD Pam couldn't hear me on the phone, she called the phone company and was treated as rudely as I. So she asked to whom she could complain and they gave her the number of the PUC -- probably thinking she would never call. She did and within 40 minutes there was a technician here. He worked for over an hour and couldn't fix it, so he put in an order for a splicer to come and find the problem. He thinks it's a crack in the line into which water has run. We've had a lot of rain lately. I can't say if the phone is better or worse, because now the line is totally dead. No phone service!!!, but boy has the house been quiet last night and this morning. Thank goodness for the cell phone which is here now since DH doesn't work on the weekend. More on Monday. Happy Sewing. Linda

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Pat (Riker) said...

I especially love that jar quilt!!!

AND.....good for your daughter for calling the public utilities people. That is nonsense for a phone company to behave that way. They should NOT assume everyone has access to cell phones to use in emergencies. They need to keep people's regular house phones working and get repair people on the scene MUCH quicker than a week, for crying out loud!!!