Monday, April 28, 2008


In my lifetime I've had only two best friends (not counting Rod). The first is Kathy, my SIL. Kathy and I became best friends in 5th grade, and never stopped. Together we survived grade school, high school, the Beatles, losing friends in Vietnam, boyfriend troubles, and her family's move. In 10th grade they moved to another town, and although Kathy made new friends in the new school, I was left behind with a very sad heart. We still saw each other one night each week when her dad dropped her off before taking her brothers to Boy Scouts. How I cherished her weekly visit, and we would dream about how we would still be best friends and raise our kids together. I went away to college, and when I came back, her bratty little brother wasn't so bratty and certainly not so little. I fell head-over-heels in love, and so my best friend became my SIL. We have raised our kids together -she had three girls whose ages intertwined with my four girls. And now, we keep our grandkids together. Kathy married a guy who had gone to high school with my sister, and we were like the four musketeers.Keith was probably the closest thing I ever had to a brother and I loved him dearly. Sadly, Keith passed away in September, and there's still a big hole in our life. This was the last photo taken of Rod and I with Kathy and Keith. Friday was his birthday, and the girls and I sent Kathy flowers in the hopes that we might somehow brighten her day. And when she called to thank us, I knew that it had. Tune in tomorrow for the story of my second best friend. Have a good day, Linda

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