Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday, Monday

Here it is another Monday. Why does the weekend go so fast? I had a very great weekend. On Saturday, I pieced the John Deere quilt for the Saddle Up. The pinwheel pattern won out -- just seemed to make sense to have John Deere with a windmill. Yesterday I got three quilts pinned ready for quilting. Mary stopped on her way to the grocery store, and I asked if the kids could stay. I don't get to see Krissy much, and I really miss her. So I spent the afternoon on the back deck with the two oldest grandkids. Kristin stopped later with Izzy, and then the twins came. So all four girls were here and they cooked dinner. (Kristin sampled, although she wasn't staying for dinner). We were just planning summer cookout fare -- sausage, hot dogs, and burgers with chips, but Mary made these onion strings. MMMmmmm so good. I could have had eaten just these for dinner.

Here's a photo of the four girls in the aprons that I made them for Christmas. The pattern is the Church Lady Apron from Mary Mulari. Each girl's apron is reversible with fabrics of some of their favority foods. I'm hoping to make at least one to donate as a door prize for the Saddle Up. Have a great day.

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Nancy said...

Cute girls....but which are twins??